Education & training

Experience and knowledge are an unbeatable combination. We teach others what we have studied and experienced in the courtroom for 25 years. We regularly give lectures to attorneys, companies and authorities.

Course in criminal and procedural law

Knowledge of substantive and procedural law is fundamental to a successful performance in court. Our courses cover the entire litigation process, ranging from district court hearings to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Financial crime course

Financial crime is a complex area and requires both legal and economic knowledge. We actively participate in the development work by being responsible for the Swedish Bar Association's financial crime training.

Digital management course

We believe in working digitally. Working with digital pre-trial protocols is a big step. Once the step is taken, there are only advantages. In addition to finding information faster, you will discover that material can be easily presented in court.

Rhetoric course

Rhetoric is one of the attorney's most important tools for success in the courtroom. Nevertheless, this tool is neglected in Sweden. The presentation of the case is often done in an uneducational way with a monotonous voice. Cross-examination lacks strategy and is also uninteresting to listen to. The pleadings are neither stimulating nor convincing. What is said is important, but how it is presented can often be just as crucial.

Other courses

We offer specially designed training courses for law firms, organizations and companies. These can be full-day or lunchtime lectures.

Current courses

The courses that we currently offer are shown here

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