Defense attorney

If you are suspected of a crime, you have the right to a defense attorney. You also have the right to request a specific law firm and attorney to represent you.

Counsel for the plaintiff

If you have been the victim of a more serious crime, you have the right to a counsel to represent you before, during and after the trial.

Financial crime

Financial crime is an umbrella term for a variety of crimes such as accounting offenses, tax offenses, embezzlement, insider trading, breach of trust, misconduct with creditors, bribery, money laundering, corporate fines, etc.

Social law

We at Olsson Lilja help you if you need representation or legal advice in family, administrative and migration cases.
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The Consumer Disputes Board of the Swedish Bar Association
The Consumer Disputes Board examines fee disputes and other financial claims, both domestic and cross-border, brought by a consumer against a attorney or law firm. Learn more here.

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