Maryam Arfaoui


Maryam Arfaoui studied law at Uppsala University and spent a semester at Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris.

Maryam specializes in criminal law and forensic psychology. She has also founded the platform Juridikbanken. In addition, Maryam is the President of the Swedish Section of the International Commission of Jurists, an international organization focusing on human rights. After an internship at Olsson Lilja Attorneys, Maryam was hired as a attorney at the firm.

Maryam works in all of the firm's areas, which means that she undertakes assignments as a private defender, counsel for injured parties and special representative for children in criminal cases, as well as counsel in cases concerning family law, migration law and social law (LVU, LVM, LPT and LRV).

Maryam speaks Swedish, English, Arabic and French.

Visiting address

Olsson Lilja Advokater
Sankt Eriksgatan 63A
112 34 Stockholm

Postal address

Sankt Eriksgatan 63A
112 34 Stockholm

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