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Specialists in criminal law

Defense attorney

When you are suspected of a crime, you are in most cases entitled to a public defender. You can request which law firm or attorney you want to represent you. 

Financial crime

We have extensive experience and educate other attorneys in the field of financial crime. In addition to private individuals, we also represent companies. 

Counsel for the plaintiff

If you have been the victim of a crime, you have the right to a counsel. You also have the right to request who will represent you. 

Social law

We offer assistance with representation or legal advice in family, administrative and migration cases.

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Our philosophy is to constantly evolve,

In this way, we ensure the quality of our services. We therefore educate other attorneys in criminal and procedural law as well as in rhetoric. The quest for constant evolvement benefits our clients, but also creates an attractive workplace for our employees. Through our knowledge, we also meet the courts' high demands on us as criminal attorneys."

Henrik Olsson Lilja
& Sofie Jeppson


Education and training

Experience and knowledge is an unbeatable combination. We teach others what we have studied and experienced in the courtroom for 30 years. We regularly give lectures to attorneys, companies and authorities. Subject areas include criminal and procedural law, financial crime, rhetoric and digital management.

Our people

A law firm's most important resource and success factor is its employees. Our attorneys have many years of experience and have represented clients in Sweden's largest and most high-profile cases.

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